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At Pond's, we are always looking for ways to save our customers money. Check out some of these rebates that offer BIG savings!
Duke Energy - Central Air Systems in Ocala, FL
Duke Energy offers many opportunities for savings when you make energy-efficient home improvements. Energy efficiency is one of the few investments that can actually help you gain a return on your energy bill & even increase the value of your home.
  • Duct repair - Up to $150 back
  • Attic insulation upgrade - $75 or more back
  • Heat pump replacement - Get up to $350 back
  • Wall insulation upgrade - Up to $300 back
Ocala Utility Services - Central Air Systems in Ocala, FL
Ocala Utility Services offers several incentive & rebate programs!
  • Air conditioner - $250
  • Heat pump - $250
  • Attic insulation upgrade - Up to $300 for residential/small commercial
  • Attic insulation upgrade - Up to $1000 for large power/industrial customers
  • Thermostat - $25
TECO Peoples Gas - Central Air Systems in Ocala, FL
  • Tank water heating - Up to $500
  • HE tank water heating - Up to $550
  • Tankless water heating - Up to $675
  • Central heating - Up to $725
Energy Star - Central Air Systems in Ocala, FL
Did you know that you could be eligble for federal income tax credits for energy efficiency? Federal tax credits are available for purchases made in 2016, as well as retroactive to purchases made in 2015. ENERGY STAR products eligible for tax credits are independently certified to save energy, save money and protect the environment. Use up to 30% less energy in your home by outfitting it with ENERGY STAR products available across more than 70 categories.